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Discovery Miles & Royal Caribbean

About Royal Caribbean International

From the moment you step aboard any of Royal Caribbean International’s 21 magnificent ships, you’ll find a world of leisure, entertainment and sporting activities, interspersed with a choice of casual, à la carte, buffet-style or round-the-clock complimentary room service meals. So turn your dream holiday into a reality. Book your Royal Caribbean cruise now.

You’ll save on your Royal Caribbean International cruise based on your Vitality status and you can use your Discovery Miles to get even greater discounts!

Vitality Status Discount Applicable
Blue 15%
Bronze 18%
Silver 19%
Gold 20%
Diamond 22%

Need to know

  • You must pay with your DiscoveryCard when making travel bookings to qualify for the DiscoveryCard discount.
  • Please remember to mention that you are a DiscoveryCard holder before you book your cruise with Royal Caribbean International. If you do not mention this beforehand, you will not receive your discount.
  • If you want to pay the booking on behalf of another Vitality member, please note that we will only give discounts for Vitality members who are on your (the DiscoveryCard holder) Vitality membership. We will not give the discount for Vitality members who are not on your membership.
  • The discount applies to the cruise only, and excludes port charges, taxes and gratuities.
  • To qualify for the saving, your Vitality membership must be linked to the DiscoveryCard that is used to pay for the cruise.
  • The saving will be calculated based on your Vitality status and how many Discovery Miles you choose to spend at the time payment is made.
  • A minimum of 5 000 Discovery Miles can be used up to the maximum of Discovery Miles equal to the total value of your booking less any Vitality discounts already received.
  • Discovery Miles can only be spent in batches of 3 000 for each extra 1% discount.
  • To use Discovery Miles for DiscoveryCard travel reward, you must have used your DiscoveryCard.
  • Normal penalty clauses apply if the booking is cancelled.
  • Please remember, if you only joined Vitality recently, you might be in the three month Vitality travel waiting period. During this period, usage of Discovery Miles and discounts at Royal Caribbean International will not apply.
  • If you pay for your holiday with your DiscoveryCard, you’ll get free international travel insurance if you’ve activated the Discovery Miles benefit




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